Holiday Gifts $30 & Under (Amazon Edition)

To be completely 100% honest, I cannot believe Thanksgiving is next week! Who’s excited to stuff their face? I am!! Safe travels during the holidays for those of you traveling to be with family & safe shopping to you all who are participating in the Black Friday sales and here’s to hoping servers won’t crash when you participate in cyber Monday deals!

I know this is a PRIME time for everyone to get their shopping done for the holidays. I personally don’t have excessive amounts of cash to spend on others, but I still want to give them something to open around Christmas time. I’ve put together a holiday gift guide of all sorts under $30!  

Ready? Here we go!  

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if you’ve never heard of this, well, now you have! This is sort of a French press, but much cooler. It makes your coffee very concentrated without losing its flavor. You can find this on amazon for $29.99!

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Oil diffusers can smell amazing with the perfect essential oils, but it also works as a humidifier! So, if you live somewhere dry (like I do) this is the perfect gift! You can find this on Amazon for $25.99

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You can pair this with the previous one if you want to spend more than $30 total. We personally order this from Amazon. The scents are amazingly concentrated. This is $15.99 on Amazon!

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DSLR Camera Lens Mug

Perfect for your photographer friends! George's brother is so into photography and I initially wanted to buy him a lens or an accessory, but let's face it!! Those are expensive! Then I found this on Amazon as a lightning deal and paid $8.49. What a steal! Right now, this goes for $9.99 on Amazon!

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Board // Card Games

We all love board games! I don't know about you, but the older I get - moments created when playing a game together is much more dear to my heart. What do you meme is $29.99 on Amazon. Another game you might be interested in too is The Game of Things for $24.86 on Amazon! 

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This is definitely a recent want of mine. My sister picked me up for breakfast and her car smelled absolutely heavenly. This is the exact scent and I was so excited to find it on Amazon. I don't know about you, but great smells just starts your day off right! Especially when the first thing you do is get in your car! This can be placed anywhere though! This is definitely a steal for $6.24 on Amazon

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 11.57.02 AM.png

Coffee + Grinder

George's brother sent him this coffee ($16.10 for 2 lbs) and a grinder ($14.95) for his birthday last year. To this day, this has got to be one of our favorite coffees of all time. Also, the grinder is super cute! This makes a perfect gift for coffee lovers! Just a tiny bit over $30 as a duo, but absolutely great. We' definitely use this all the time!

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 12.04.55 PM.png


This is one of my all time favorites! Books are a perfect gift for your book lover friends and family. A few I also like are The Resolution for Women by Priscilla Shirer, Girls with Swords by Lisa Bevere, What If by Randall Munroe (nerdy). 

I hope this gives you some ideas on what you can get someone for Christmas under $30! Obviously, you're not limited to $30, but I figured this is a reasonable cut off point for most people. If you have any more ideas, leave a comment below! I would love to see what you plan on getting for your loved ones! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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