In Search For A Church

Since moving to America, I’ve gone through the process of finding a new church I can call home. I went through this process with my parents when I was 13. Eventually, we settled for a church and called it home since then. Until recently…

Now that I’m a little older and able to shape my own opinions based on face value and research, the church my family has chosen and attended for years no longer felt like home. I am very thankful for the experiences throughout the years, but it’s just time to move on.

Since January 2017, the hunt for a new church seemed exciting, yet scary. I was always so confused on why I felt like this, but I guess churches can feel like cliques and you instantly become the outsider. George and I looked and looked for churches, but we either didn’t agree or we just didn’t feel anything. Eventually, we reached a point of hopelessness and redirected to online church. As much love as I have for online services, I just can’t bring myself to pay attention when there are so many things to distract me. I felt like I was never in the right place and right time to listen to a sermon.

It took so long to find the “right church for us” because we had to think and take into consideration a lot of things when choosing a church. I hope you went/go through a similar process when looking for one (if you ever reach(ed) this point).



We wanted…

A church to have a clear vision and mission and actually follow through.

George and I were very passionate about this for a lot of reasons which I’m only going to name a few:

We live in such a broken city and there is a lot that can be done if churches would extend grace to others.

So many times, you see churches receiving large donations/gifts and although it’s nice to help other countries who are in need, we feel it is just as important to start at home. I don’t want you to take this wrong, extend grace to other countries, they really do need it. As a matter of fact, I encourage you. Living in a third world, in poverty lines is no fun – trust me, I’ve experienced it firsthand, for a long time (if you want me to elaborate, leave in comment below).

We wanted to know where our donations/tithes go to.

This may sound slightly horrible to some of you reading this, but don’t you want it to be used properly for the church, God’s bride and his people? There are many verses in the Bible about tithing, Genesis 28:20-22, Leviticus 27:30-34) and Mark 12:41-44.

1. George also believes that you’re not entitled to tithe to the church you attend. Tithes are to be given to God. This can also be done through charity donations, sponsoring a child, etc.

2. I believe tithing does not have to be “monetary”. It can be time you take out of your day or week to serve the Lord and serve others. As a college student, money is always more of a shortage than a surplus, so sometimes tithing might not be doable. Life church in Kansas did something similar to this, tithing was optional. A basket was passed around the room and those who had extra money to give were encouraged to give and those who didn’t was not. On top of that, those who were struggling were permitted to take from the basket of tithes. At the end of the day, God knows your heart and intentions and only his opinion of you matters.

For the pastor to not be “God”, but to serve God by teaching straight from the Bible.

I love research and all, but sometimes people can get lost in that and all of a sudden lessons are misinterpreted.

To make everyone feel at home.

Personally, this was the biggest deal for me. I wanted to be in a church where everyone is honest (as much as possible), extends grace, and loves on whoever steps foot in the church. Be family!

Church after church, I am happy to tell you all that George and I found one we can call HOME.

Our new church is young, currently being held in an elementary school gym, but I have never felt so welcomed and always excited to go! This is definitely different from what we were used to (we went to a mega church, like HUUUUUUUUUGE church, no exaggeration), but this church had an affect on us unlike the other churches we tried! I personally felt like God tugged on my heart (George’s too) the moment I heard the very first sermon.

*Church Mission: “Anchor Church is a church on mission. We take the power of the Gospel to our community and world. We are on mission because there is a lack of worship in our world. In Heaven missions will not exist because worship will be complete. We are a church that is not about monuments, but movements of God. Missions will be done through relational evangelism, gospel presentations, community service and acts of social justice.” >>Anchor Church Mission<<

Check out a video by our pastor explaining his intentions [>>HERE<<]

Our pastor, he welcomed us on our first service by introducing himself, by informing us that it’s a “casual” church – come as you are. Right off the bat, he had us scan the room and explained how the demographic consisted of people on both ends of the spectrum (rich OR ex drug addicts/prostitutes).

I was so in love of the grace this church has extended to EVERYONE. Never did I ever feel judged, never did I ever notice someone else judging. On top of that, we were introduced to a couple who are learning everything they can about church planting and later went to lunch with them after service. Our pastor also reached out to George and I to meet over coffee, to get to know each other on a personal level. Everyone in this church tries to do what they can to help others who are in need. It’s amazing!

I am so thankful for what God has given us. We love our new home!

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FaithDianne S