Things To Actively Do In College

If you want a killer resume and impress potential employers, here are things you can actively do while you're in college. 

A friend of mine who I met at an internship a couple of years ago told me before she left: 

To stand out, keep up the good grades and be actively involved.

Emphasizing on "be actively involved" with:

Companies want a team player, a well-rounded person. You can always have the best grades, but if you can't work in a team environment, success is limited.

After pondering for quite sometime and I mean probably two years. Here are my following recommendations: 




Internships are a great way to get yourself out there, to get your name on the table, to improve your resume and to network with the best. With three years of experience as an intern in a research and development environment, I found the experience very rewarding. I've learned more at my internship than in school (true story). I've gained mentors, networked and I just feel like I belong. 

Internships are a great way to network. Before my internship, I only knew people I went to school with. After I began my internship, I've met some of the future's best. Every person I've met and worked with throughout my internship have become lifelong friends. No joke, the guy I worked with was an engineering student at West Point and we have kept in touch after our internship ended. The girl who gave me the advice mentioned above, she is now a lead computer scientist at a research and development company and we still talk. Every person you meet an internship or networking event can become lifelong friends and great contacts. 


I personally don't have experience in this, yet. I currently have a full load of computer science and math classes and an internship which means, I don't necessarily have room to do this at the moment. I do plan on joining our CtF (capture the flag (computer forensics and networking)) team in the future because it's just another great way to know someone who shares the same major as you, be able to network with them and honestly help each other out with your classes! 


I know it's just another thing to add to your college plate, but this is such a great way to meet potential employers. Recently, I spoke with the CIA. I know, I have the nerve. I figured, these employers will never know how good you really are until you introduce yourself to them. They're not going to introduce themselves to you (unless you're a prodigy or something). 


This one, everyone should do. This is probably also the hardest to do. While grades are important, they are not the only factor that determines your eligibility to work for a potential employer. Think of this for a second: A degree is a piece of paper, a credential that tells potential employers that you know how to learn. A lot of the things you learn in college are not necessarily what you're going to work with when you're hired (Do suggestion 1! You'll find out really quick!). 

So, keep up the good grades, find internships (network, network, network), attend career fairs (network some more!), join a club at your school. 

These suggestions/recommendations will not only help you in the future, but it will let you know right now if you're in the field the you're supposed to be in and if that field is something you can do for the rest of your life. 

If you have any more suggestions/recommendations, please leave in the comments below! Let's share with one another to encourage success! 

More later,

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