2017 Wrap Up, Hello 2018!

Overall, it’s safe to say that this year was the most unexpected, yet eventful. At some point, the amount of politics that circulated our media this past year was nothing short of scandalous. At some point our lives and experiences were filtered through a lens one way or another. At some point, we had our failures, but also celebrated our successes.

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For me, 2017 started off in Madrid, Spain with my best friend and it was probably one of our best trips together. We had an incredible time being college students somewhere new & foreign. I’ve always wanted to travel somewhere with my best friend while in college and I’m so glad I was able to check that off my bucket list. Speaking of bucket lists, I also get to cross off Spain. I’ve always wanted to visit Spain, it has always been #1 on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. I’ve always wanted to visit and see where my grandfather’s side of the family came from and I absolutely loved it there! 

I personally think this year was filled with growth. I found myself more curious about things in the coding field, Christian lifestyle and just overall enjoyed educating myself about things I didn’t know or excel in. About growth, school this year was not what I expected. I am actually proud that all my hard work paid off. I’ve never had such good grades 😂 I’m just so happy about it. It took me awhile to get a hang of it, but I’m so glad I finally did. This was also my last year/semester at UNM and I’m so glad I found a program at UMUC that offers what I really wanted to go to school for! I’m ready to see what this school has in store for me. 

Now let’s talk blog, this blog in particular. When I started this blog a long time ago, I was never involved in any Facebook Groups, had no clue about using Pinterest to drive traffic, didn’t have an Instagram to promote my blog, etc. I never would have thought joining a group on Facebook would gain me not just followers, but blog friends. I underestimated the power of promoting on Pinterest, and although I have a love/hate relationship with my instagram (because people follow only to unfollow), I still gained some loyal friends on there too. 

Lastly, although life had its challenges this year like it does in others, it has got to be my favorite because I ended 2017 engaged to the most selfless, loving man on earth. 2018 is about to get a little bit more interesting with moving to another country in sight and everything else in between. 

My goal is to document as much as possible, but continue to be raw and let God stir me in the direction he ought me to go. 


Here’s to more love, growth & blessings! Happy New Year!!  Let’s all make this a great year!!

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